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Now is a good time to make sure your computer(s) is up to date.

There are alot of security vulnerabilities lately.


Please get all Windows Critical and Important updates from


Run the free online scanner at to ensure other important software is update and where to get the updates. Media Players, Flash, Java and others have their own vulnerabilities that can put bad things in your system. I suggest following these steps once or twice a month.

Free Microsoft Windows Vista Tips and Tricks Booklet

Breaking into a power station in three easy steps

This is another fine reason to teach employee’s about safe Internet surfing, keeping your Operating System, Web Browser and Media Players updated with the latest security patchs.

ITPro: Companies that outsource are most vulnerable to hacking

Companies that outsource are most vulnerable to hacking
Posted by Benny Har-Even at 2:02PM, Monday 7th April 2008

Organizations that admit to being frequently hacked outsource large chunks of their code, a report claims.

A report from leading analyst firm Quocirca has revealed that 90 per cent of companies that fall victim to computer hacking outsource more that 40 per cent of their code.
ITPro: Security: News: Companies that outsource are most vulnerable to hacking

USB Thumb Drvies, MP3 Players may come with viruses and / or spyware/

This artical explains what is going on and how to prevent it.
HP USB Keys Shipped with Malware for your Proliant Server

WordPress Upgrade Finished!

The upgrade was successful!!

WordPress is the name of the blog software BTS LLC uses. BTS LLC can setup a WordPress blog and teach you how to use it. This service is offered nationally, as I can visit in person (locally only) or come into your computer remotely to show you how!

WordPress Upgrade In Progress.

  The blog will be down for 10-15 Minutes. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Upgrading to WordPress 2.5

There will be some suddle changes for the blog readers, and a bunch of changes on the Administration side. When this happens the blog will be offline for a bit.  I will post when the upgrade will happen.

SBSummit: Replays Each Day 3 Times Through Thursday.