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Facebook Presents A Serious Security Problem

February 20, 2009
Mark Joseph Edwards
Security Matters
Facebook did an aboutface this week after thousands of users protested the company’s overzealous attempt at a gigantic intellectual property grab.

We are going even greener!!

Here at BTS LLC, we strive in being green. Any part I replace, I will find a way to recycle it and recycle it if possible. Turning off equitment and lights when not in use, and recycling any other office waste we can. I was recently replacing a power supply for someone and realized there are green power supply’s! For now on, we will offer a green option with a standard option to our customers. If the cost is the same, the green option will win. All BTS LLC e-mails will now have a “P     Please consider the environment before printing this email.” on the end of all of our e-mails to remind our customers and vendors, Do you really need to print this e-mail?

I am glad that there are more and more green options, and we need to try our best to go green!


If you would like to use the Green E-mail line above, you can copy it and paste it in your signature. If you would like the HTML code here it is: The Tree and river picture is actually part of the Webdings font that is part of Windows. That is why you do not see the HTML code pointing to a picture file.