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SBSummit Day 2: Do I really need Windows Vista Ultimate for my business for BitLocker?

A caller was looking at Windows Vista Business, and was questioning why the Microsoft employee said to go with Windows Ultimate. The Microsoft employee said, Because of BitLocker. You can use it to secure your laptops data from theives and it is unbreakable.

There are other 3rd party programs out there such as TrueCrypt (free) and PGP Whole Disk Encryption (fee), that will do the same thing. Some will not have a TPM (Trusted Protection Module) chip support (Meaning you take the hard drive out of the laptop and put it in another, and no one can access your data). A thief will more than likely not want to take your laptop out of your bag, take the hard drive out and put it back in. They will take the whole thing.

Is BitLocker unbreakable? Nope! Students at Princeton figured it out! Visit their website to see a video demo of how you do it:

You can also read more in their FAQ: Please note the third FAQ question for the BEST WAY to avoid foil the thieves, as it is time sensitive for them.

What is BitLocker?BitLocker is a program the encrypts your entire hard drive to protect your data from thieves. It can use a TPM chip or a USB Drive as an added layer of protection. To read more: